Thank you for your YES!   We are so glad you are joining with other mothers who are bringing this beautiful ministry to their parishes.

Welcome to our resources page.  Here you will find everything you need to get your Millions of Monicas Community underway.  You can come back to this page anytime to get updates and new resources.  We created a Millions of Monicas Movie to help you understand the flow of the prayer gathering.

Getting your community started?  Here’s a handy printable checklist you can use to guide you: MOM Checklist

 Print the Leader’s Binder
Note: Most communities use a plastic binder from the office supply store with plastic sleeve-type pages so they can easily update and change out binder pages if needed.  A pro tip is to use dry erase markers (or sticky notes) to write your weekly theme as well as song choices on the plastic pages and then wipe and reuse the next week.  Some communities print several binders so they have backup as well as additional copies for multiple facilitators/musicians.
Leaders Guide – Binder Pages ⬇️ 🖨️
Folder Contents
Note: Buy and provide an inexpensive blue folder which you can give to mothers the first week they come.  
They bring it back each week and you’ll add new pages to it.  

Inside the blue folders is:
The Trust Me Prayer Card.  Link below. 
Signs and Sowing card.   
Weekly Prayer Sheet
Welcome Sheet

Optionally, a business card, which we will design for you with our logo.

Trust Me Prayer Card – must be ordered – (copyrighted) 
Weekly Prayer Sheet- print double sided 🖨️ 
Welcome Sheet- print double sided 🖨️ 

 Signs and Sowings Postcard Design

Can be downloaded and sent to a printing company.
Side 1 ⬇️
Side 2 ⬇️

🪄 Signs and Sowings Optional Design

Optionally, you can save outsourced printer costs by printing the Signs and Sowings PDF onto regular paper instead. ⬇️

Folder Label

 Optional labels some communities like to affix to their folders (Avery 5163 or 18163) ⬇️

Business Cards

Some communities like to include a business card in their blue folders.  You can buy the folders with the slot in it them to hold it.

This way women can to give them out to friends and family.

Contact us to make a (free) business card design for you which you can send out for printing. Here’s a sample:

Side 1 – Front (Sample)
Side 2 – Back (Sample)

Posters and Flyers

When you have determined the date, time and church for your Millions of Monicas prayer community – we can send a (free) design for flyers and posters which you can use in your marketing efforts. Most communities find that six weeks of marketing before they begin is optimal.  When you fill in the NEW COMMUNITY LINK (Green link below), it will give us all the information we need to create them for you.
Poster/Flyer (Sample)

Commonly Asked Questions ??

Q:  How long should we advertise before starting the MOMs prayer ministry?

A:  Most communities find that 6-8 weeks is optimal.  This gives them time to get it in the bulletin, pass out flyers in the back of church, talk with other ministries, etc.

Q:  Are men invited?

A:  Millions of Monicas is for women.  Occasionally men approach our welcome table before our gathering and express a desire to attend.  We just let them know that MOMs is for women, but we will gladly take the name of the child they are praying for and include them in our prayers.  We usually direct them to the adoration chapel to pray.  If your gathering is happening, and men arrive to kneel in the church to pray, do not ask them to leave; simply carry on as usual with your prayer time.  Take the opportunity after to explain that this ministry is women.

Q:  Can we use the email address we collect from women to promote other ministries, add poems or prayers to, etc?

A:  No, the email address should only be used to let them know if MOMs is happening that day or not.  Sometimes inclement weather or days off happen, and we only use the email address to let them know.  Also, when creating your email, make sure to use the bcc feature in order to keep their email addresses private.

Q:  Can we change the wording of the binder to something we would rather say instead or can we add extra components? 

A:  All of the components in the Millions of Monicas binder have been designed with specific intention and prayer.

Do not add or omit any component or wording without prior written consent of the National Leadership Team.

Q:  I was contacted to do an interview about Millions of Monicas.  What should I do?

A:  That’s wonderful! Contact Jane VanHouten from the National Leadership Team before proceeding.  She will provide you with helpful guidance to use you as you talk about this amazing ministry!  Click here to email her. 

Q:  Should our co-leaders do a “run-through” before our first live Millions of Monicas prayer gathering?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend doing that. Many have done that and were able to work out issues with the sound system, etc.  A conversation with a member of the National Leadership Team to ask any questions after your run-through can be extremely helpful.  

Q:  Is there a prayer for our team to pray together before each Millions of Monicas?

A:  Yes, there is a prayer listed at the front of the binder, under the Flow of the Evening page: Holy Spirit, fill us with a sense of wonder in an understanding that St. Monica is prompting women everywhere to imitate her life. We ask that you guide us in our words and actions and guide this movement forward as more women join in the spiritual battle for the souls of our children.

Q:  What do we do with the signs and sowings cards after our gatherings?

A:  It’s the activity of calling to mind the signs of faith we are seeing in the child we are praying for and our activity evangelizing that are most important.  Do not read the cards.  Shredding or burning are good options. We like to say a prayer over the cards before doing that; asking the Lord to bless our mothers and their intentions.

Q:  We have a large contingency of Spanish speaking women at our parish. Is the Leaders Binder translated to Spanish?  

A: Yes, it is.  You can download it from this Resources page.

 Q:  Our calendar is loaded on the Millions of Monicas website, but I need to change the schedule.  What should I do?

A:  Fill in the calendar change form found below.  

 Q:  Is there a Facebook leaders group I can join?

A:  Yes, it’s a private group for co-leaders only.  Text Jane White at 616-340-3725 and ask her to invite you to the group.

Q:  A woman attending our MOMs came up and stated she is an aunt but not a mother so it feels like MOMs might not be for her.  What can I tell her?

A:  Remind her that she is a spiritual mother in the broader sense of the word; that she has a maternal nature with her nieces and nephews, and she is very much included in MOMs and that her presence is necessary and welcome.

Q. How do we determine the weekly reflection? This is announced at the beginning and used during the Crucifix time.

A:  They are provided for you on our website calendar.  They are typically found at the top of each daily entry and they have an icon on the front: ✝️.

Q.  Some mothers have approached me stating they cannot under the Pray-As-You-Go Podcast reflection.  The accent of the speakers is hard for them to understand.  What can I do?

A:  We recommend they listen to the reflection in a quiet location earlier in the day.  You can print and give them these directions:  🖨️ Pray-as-you-go handy guide.  They can even follow along during because the words are printed for them.  Some communities are including this in their folders.

Q:  Do our gatherings need to include Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament?

A:  No, there is no need for Exposition.  Praying in front of our Lord in the tabernacle, even without Exposition, is powerful.

Q:  Does our Millions of Monicas Community need to meet every week?

A:  No, you do not.  While most M.O.M. Communities do meet weekly, some meet every other week and some meet monthly.  That decision is yours to make as you choose how to best meet the needs and desires of your parish.

Q:  How do I insert the reflection into the Crucifix Prayer time?

A:  This is best answered by giving an example.  If the reflection is: “Following in Christ’s footsteps”, you will say, “What does the phrase following in Christ’s footsteps make you think about in regard to your child and yourself, and in what special way do you and your child need to follow in Christ’s footsteps?”

Q:  How do I send in our dates for next year so they can be added to the calendar?

A:  Fill in the calendar add or change date form found below.